131 downloads in 24 hours

by lynncollins23


Last Saturday was the first free download day for the book on Amazon Kindle store. 131 copies were downloaded.

I had originally intended to send out promotional emails etc, but was smitten by a ferocious tummy bug early on Friday. I slept all day, oblivious to the world of self-published promotion tasks.

Saturday dawned, and I was free of the bathroom necessity. Began messaging people on Facebook to draw their attention.
The free day started at midnight EST. Took me a while to realise this and figure that it means an 8 or 9 hour delay from GMT. durr.

Then, after about 3 hours, my sales stats began to show downloads. 24 – 32 and so on. I had to go out for the rest of the day. But when I returned, at 11pm, it was riveting, if a little obsessive, to watch as America took up the offer. 49 – 56 – and finally, by 8 am the next day – 96 copies on amazon.com and 35 in the UK. Gratified, and a little ashamed of my obsessive monitoring, I chalked the free day up as a success.
My Facebook contacts had obviously rallied, and other random factors had kicked in. Possibly the first downloads by people I didn’t know. Stats showed that 3 were from India. The truly global Market. Thanks to those of you reading this who helped me to reach that figure.

I suspect that not everyone who downloads freebies is going to read it. But a good start nevertheless.