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Month: September, 2013

free e-book promotion

free e-book promotion.

free e-book promotion

20121120-145004.jpgToday , 28th September, and tomorrow, until the small hours of Monday, Earthsingers is offered as a free promotional download.

Feedback suggests to me that people think they have to own a Kindle reader device to read a Kindle e-book. Not so. The free Kindle reader app can be downloaded from Amazon direct to your computer, your tablet, your phone. And you can read it at your convenience anywhere. You simply link any of your devices to the Amazon account, download the app to each, and the content you choose from the store appears on all of them. Magic. It worked right away for me, even on my old, cranky windows laptop. I like reading on my iPad, as I can read in bed, in the dark, with the backlit screen, and not disturb Himself, snoozing beside me. Revisiting the delicious naughtiness of reading after lights-out.

Here is the link to the book’s page on Amazon. If you look at the right side of the page, you will see the window to download the free app. You will, however, need an Amazon account to do so, even though the book is free.

If you are reading this after the free promotion expires, then you can still go to the book’s page on Amazon and download your free app. When you have done that, you can download a free sample, six chapters or so. If you like what you see, the book will only cost you £1.70…the price of a half pint of beer, or a biro…. or a deodorant stick, or a pack of falafel…. no – let’s not go any further. Suffice to say it is marvellous value for an engaging read.

So join the 700 or so people worldwide who have downloaded the book, virtually unpublicised, and whizz over to Amazon.

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