The writing of this book has woven together many strands of my own study and experience of the ‘metaphysical’ – as well as that of people close to me. The result is something like a web.

Many of the odder elements in the story are real, or based upon real events. If they have not befallen me personally, then they are close to the genuine experiences of people I know. Some are, of course, simply made up. This is a story. An entertainment

Real enough are: the clairvoyance, the tarot readings, the map dowsing, the energy-field manipulations, the out-of-body experiences, the hauntings, the singing in the caves, the psychic attacks, the Camelford water poisoning, the Qabalistic path workings in the inner worlds, the old gentlemen, the past-life memories, the perceptions of the unusual properties of megaliths, the dogs. And the singing.

The warp and weft of the story are drawn from physical consensus reality and metaphysical reality. There is still great argument about where the latter impinges upon the former, and yet the magi and the shamen have known the terrain for millennia. I hope that such truths as there are in the story can find their way out into the world.

Very real is the concern of thousands if not millions of people about what is being done to our planet, with the introduction of GMO organisms, life patenting and Electro-magnetic radiation. Many are deeply worried about the savagely ignorant disconnect between Mankind and Nature. Our ancestors were wiser in these matters. I like to think that there are still keepers of this knowledge.

Lou is not based upon anyone I know. She arrived, mad as hell and distraught, in the kingdom of my mind one day, when I was just minding my own business with a pen in hand . Since then, she and her cohort of characters have haunted and bugged me all this time to finish the book.

Maybe there is some truth in these pages? Or maybe it is a mere telling of ‘beautiful untrue things’? (Thank you, Oscar.) You, Dear Reader, may decide.