5.0 out of 5 stars

A book for our time – excellent and original 16 Oct 2012
By L. Sture
Format:Kindle Edition

Lynn Collins has pulled off that unusual and wonderful thing … a true original.

The story weaves around a reluctant clairvoyant, Lou, and a song of power that starts at a GMO protest meeting and the strange phenomena that occur; an enigmatic stranger who turns up and urges Lou to control her ‘gift’; an initiatory journey that is important not just for Lou but for the future of our planet and the evolution, or otherwise, of its human inhabitants. You can feel the burden of the task on the inexperienced and untrained heroine, who in her inexperience is vulnerable to malign entities that await her in other dimensions.

I have been lucky enough to have had a preview copy of this book and found it an easy and gripping read. The interesting mix of characters stepped straight off the page and took me into the adventure with them. An Esoteric Thriller that weaves the challenges of biotechnology that are facing us today with a subtler view of cause and effect. Earthsingers is an excellent and original first novel from Lynn Collins.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Incredible First Novel 17 Oct 2012
By The Ushers.
Format:Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

An enthralling and compelling thriller. Contemporary issues combined with new age thinking, challenging media sensationalism and the power of multi-corporate corruption. A storyline to fire the imagination whilst realising the imminent threat to the environment. An incredible first novel. I eagerly await the sequel.

Jackie Grimmet 21.9.12

If you have lived with that secret you’ve hidden deep inside, that only a few trusted friends know about, or have wondered about those recurring dreams filled with music that you never quite remember…
Are they meanings in disguise? Have they guided you?
Or wondered why you have that special communication with animals and the natural world and the seasons around you?
Then this book is for you.
With each chapter you sigh with relief, you hear the music running through each phrase in your waking world. The book takes you travelling through time and space, through inner worlds and history, and you are hooked with each turning page.

Harry Potter opened the minds of our children and those of us who still choose to believe, this opens the minds of those who choose to take the step and turn the first page! Enjoy!