An ancient chant….an unwilling clairvoyant…bizarre phenomena at GMO protests…a Cornish megalith…psychic attack…a journey to inner worlds

Lou Trewen was born with The Sight. At 14 she banished it from her life, with its visions and terrifying premonitions. Now she is 28, it returns – destroying her love life, threatening her job and her sanity.

Astral disturbances from the Sight attract a sinister figure. Obsessed with Lou’s unique psychic powers, he stalks her, using occult techniques to infiltrate her life.

A reincarnated soul group gathers around Lou, to protect her and to oppose an old enemy. The Sight is a curse to Lou until an enigmatic stranger offers a means to turn the curse into a gift – with profound consequences for Humanity’s awakening. But the risks to a novice are extreme, treading the path of mystics, mages and madmen…This is the story of the battle for one woman’s soul, and for the emerging shift in global awareness.