cover art

by lynncollins23

draft 1 cover design

This is the result of most of the afternoon spent fiddling with Office Publisher. Mission: to place 3 words onto the cover image.
Result : tolerable. ????
I would appreciate your feedback as to whether this would work as a tiny tiny {2cm high} image on the Kindle bookstore.

I am too silly and befuddled right now to en-smallen it to that size; so maybe, Dear Reader, you could just get up and walk a few steps from your screen?… that’s right… no, back a bit further.

OK. How does it look from there?

And before you ask, mates of mine… yes, it is the painting hanging in my kitchen. A corner of it anyway. When I painted it I had no idea there was a female fgure lurking in the shadows, bottom left. But there she is. Enigmatic,Eh?