Show me the way to go Home

by lynncollins23

Enthusiasm and my personal techno-idiocy have conspired to create TWO home pages now. Almost identical: but things are coming along. At least I have managed to put some actual words up here now.

All the advice says …’Just set up a blog and website, then start to build an internet platform .’ Easy. Yeah, right. That word ‘just’…

….five days later and I have managed two posts, and two almost identical home pages. So, Dear Reader, you can take your pick of which version of the gripping book-blurb you prefer, from the Home page/s. Personally, I’m partial to the tabloid-style bold italics. Maybe you reached the inexplicable ‘Page Not Found’ announcement first? It seems impossible to get rid of, and appears at random.

My instinct says I have spent far too long fiddling with computers. I will go in the garden, sit in the sun. Calm down. Possibly with a nice cuppa. And try not to worry about the ‘profile’ content, which is the next looming task.   ‘JUST set up a blog…’ HA!!!

It is, scold the experts, all completely necessary if I am to develop a Web Presence. The writing of the book was the easy part. All 420 made-up pages of it. Because it was not about me….maybe just a little like some of the people I know. (You know who you are, especially the clairvoyant ones. But you knew that in advance anyway.)

It feels as though I have been given tedious homework by the WordPress people… not to mention the Facebook Page setup. Their little boxes are very demanding, suddenly bursting out and asking all sorts of nosy questions ‘About You’. Does anyone else slide into a catatonic state whenever asked to ‘say a bit about yourself” by a machine? I will most likely be sent to the Naughty Chair for not filling in boxes properly.

Anyway, I would be fascinated to hear any of your comments on the hard-won precis on the home page.