Inspiration: the cake method

by lynncollins23


I noticed, whilst skimming through the last draft, looking for a plot-hole my daughter had picked up…that the characters in my book are always drinking tea. I mean – to excess. I wonder, is this a peculiarly British habit, in times of crisis or great weirdness going down? Have I reflected reality as recognised by millions of people?

Or is the major tea-drinking just authorial wishful-thinking? How often does a writer distract herself with thoughts of : ‘must be time for a little something’ ? She then goes on to write a scene where the heroine enters a cafe to think / meet somebody / be savaged by zombie waitresses. You know the sort of thing. The thinking / meeting / savaging has to go on after the Earl Grey and nice slice of cake are ordered. ( That was not a plot-spoiler by the way )

The cake in books is always crumbly, rich and delicious. And perfectly cooked, unless the character is baking at home and it all goes terribly wrong. Thus revealing a serious personality disorder. Yet ‘Tea’ is always a welcome anchor of normality amidst a series of crazed happenings. We can all do it safely at home. It suggests that at least one character, amidst the burly-burly of jolly gripping events, has the plain good sense to put the kettle on.

…..sorry, just nipped into the kitchen for a moment….
As I was saying, making a cuppa is a wonderful bulwark against the misery of the daily grind, the demands of ‘reality’, or the sheer oddness of things when you really think about them.
…must go. Kettle’s boiling.

Update….i’m a newbie, bear with me. Why does this photo, uploaded on iPad, come out the size of Canada?