Earthsingers and IndiWAPs

by lynncollins23

This is the online home for the novel ‘Earthsingers’ by Lynn Collins. The webpages here at WordPress are under construction.

This blog charts the adventures of a newbie IndieWAP ( Independent Writer As Publisher )
Having spent several YEARS writing the book, at the risk of my own sanity and that of my N&Ds, I now venture into the badlands of ebook self-publication.

Steep learning curve. Made steeper by the capriciousness of Windows Vista.

Soon to follow is a blurb-description of the book. I will post excerpts soon, along with the ETA for Earthsingers as an Amazon Kindle ebook, and possibly also on Smashwords.

I would love to hear from anybody who has experience of ebook self-publishing. Have you trodden this path yourself, or know someone who has?

…. OK, so I have set the blog up, (Sweat pours from brow). Now back to the slog of formatting the manuscript correctly for Kindle Publishing… using, yes … Windows Vista. Beloved iPad just won’t do it. A return to the Blue Screen of Death at every vital stage.